Relaxing family holiday

Sometimes you just want to put your feet up. I’ve been on activity holidays with the kids where we’ve all been haring down hills on mountain bikes, white water rafting, theme parks, kids’ clubs, every second of every day seemingly filled with adrenaline and activity. As a family, we love these holidays but sometimes the levels of activity can leave you needing a holiday when you get home. This Easter we decided to slow things down a bit and head to the Algarve to stay in the idyllic town of Luz. We found the accommodation online ( with the whole booking process easy and quick.When we arrived and first went in our Hibiscus villa both children were very excited. Lucy (7) was particularly impressed that the swimming pool was so accessible and Samuel (10) was looking forward to picking up the rental bikes and exploring (  I won’t bore you with an overly detailed, blow-by-blow account of what we did each day but I can certainly say that this new, more relaxed, style of holiday suited all 4 of us. The kids spent hours in the pool while my wife and I chilled out, drank coffee (and occasionally something a little stronger) and read books. In the space of a week I managed to finish 2 books and start a third: all while the children amused themselves. Although we hardly used it, the WiFi was very good, which meant that we had options if the weather forced us inside, which it fortunately didn’t.

Luz has a lovely, safe beach and when we weren’t kicking back at the Villa, we were down there trying our hand at one of the water sports on offer, or exploring the area by bike. Luz is a lovely little place, with enough to do to keep us happy,quality restaurants and places to eat that won’t break the bank. It is quiet enough to relax but busy enough to mean you really don’t need to constantly travel to find stuff to do. We did go to Lagos Zoo ( on one day as we saw it advertised when we picked our bikes up. It made for a lovely day out but we could have quite happily stayed in and around Luz for the entire holiday. If the kids get to pick next year’s holiday I think we’ll becoming back!

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